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Table of Contents

Chapter: Get Started with Processing and Arduino (Overview)

Example files for Week 1

00m 32s


05m 34s

Installing and Running Processing

06m 58s

Installing and Running the Arduino IDE

12m 35s

Installing the Arduino Library in Processing

20m 54s

Chapter: Build a Drawing Application

Example files for Week 2

00m 32s

Create a Basic Drawing Program

14m 43s

Add Color and Style

12m 0s

Begin to Create a GUI

16m 25s

Add Sliders to Control Color

28m 22s

Finish the Drawing Tool

25m 46s

Chapter: Create an Animation Application

Example files for Week 3

00m 32s

Build from the Drawing Tool

05m 24s

Begin Adding Animation

20m 5s

Record and Play Back a Gesture

24m 36s

Add Color Properties

12m 49s

Animate the Recorded Gesture

07m 16s

Draw Multiple Gestures in Time

20m 11s

Record Video Files

21m 33s

Chapter: Construct a Physical Interface

Example files for Week 4

00m 32s

Assemble the Project Box

15m 27s

Add a breadboard and an Arduino

10m 53s

Attach the components to the lid

16m 43s

Hook up the wires inside the box

28m 8s

Hook up the potentiometers, switches and LEDs

17m 5s

Test the project box in Processing

08m 52s

Control the Animation Tool with the projBox

19m 5s

Chapter: Expand the Animation Application into 3D

Example files for Week 5

00m 32s

Integrate the OpenGL Library

10m 19s

Draw Shapes in 3D

21m 17s

Add Drift to your Animation

12m 50s

Further Integrate the projBox

13m 35s

Add a Rotation Motion Effect

10m 56s

Add a Sine and Cosine Based Motion Effect

12m 12s

Add a Brownian Motion Effect

09m 7s

Wrap Up and Q&A

09m 10s