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Table of Contents

Chapter: Get Started in XML (Overview)

Example files for Week 1

00m 20s

Week 1: Introduction

23m 4s

Getting Started in XML

26m 16s

What is an Instance?

40m 45s

Final Q&A

09m 29s

Course Overview and Homework

05m 56s

Chapter: Begin a Competitive Analysis and Schema for the Course Project

Example files for Week 2

00m 20s

Week 2: Introduction

17m 35s


49m 8s

What is well formed?

13m 52s

Our course project

19m 20s

The competitive analysis

21m 4s

Q&A and XML Comparison

31m 44s

Chapter: Create the Photo Information Type

Example files for Week 3

00m 20s

Week 3: Introduction

41m 10s

Figure out the Photo Info Type

17m 35s

The Photo Info Type in our Schema

34m 35s

The Photo Info Type in our Instance

17m 24s


02m 47s

Elements & Attributes, Q&A

20m 6s

Chapter: Transform the Photo Information Type

Example files for Week 4

00m 20s

Week 4: Introduction

25m 25s

The XML Big Picture

08m 14s

Transform Basics

03m 32s

Build Photos from the Photo Info Type

19m 52s

Chapter: Transform the Narrative Information Type

Example files for Week 5

00m 20s

Week 5: Introduction

33m 58s

The Narrative Info Type

31m 0s

Working with Narratives

34m 15s

The Narrative in our Transforms

23m 21s

Final Q&A

12m 7s

Chapter: Create Site Navigation

Example files for Week 6

00m 20s


32m 54s

Create Site Navigation

23m 20s

Indexes, Cross-references and Sequences

38m 47s

Rendering Indexes, Cross-references and Sequences in our Transforms

24m 26s

Homework Review

09m 16s

Chapter: Build a Complete, Integrated Site

Example files for Week 7

00m 20s


12m 30s

Homework 6 Answers

06m 29s

Build a Complete, Integrated Site

24m 54s

One Transform, Multiple Pages

17m 40s

Chapter: Create and Implement Site Hierarchies

Example files for Week 8

00m 20s


03m 44s

Answers to Last Week's Homework

03m 46s


14m 48s

Modeling Hierarchies

32m 50s

Final Q&A

06m 45s

Chapter: Put a Professional Polish on the Project Site

Example files for Week 9

00m 20s


27m 58s

Transforming Hierarchies

24m 20s

Answers to last week's homework

15m 21s

The Structure of our Info and our Public Site

38m 36s

How are our XSL Templates Put Together?

27m 22s

Output Statements and Homework

08m 53s

Chapter: Create Other Outputs

Example files for Week 10

00m 20s


10m 25s

Week 9 Homework Answers

11m 21s

Site and Systems

34m 14s

Other Outputs: The RSS Feed

37m 55s

Wrap Up

05m 9s

Our Sites and Our Systems

31m 9s