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Table of Contents

Chapter: Meet HTML5

Example files for Week 1

00m 20s

Meet HTML5 and Apps for this Course

22m 39s

Requirements and Installing the Simulators

33m 56s

Chapter: Create a Twitter App

Example files for Week 2

00m 20s

New HTML5 Elements

23m 13s

Viewport and CSS Reset

13m 27s

Size your app for mobile with CSS

10m 11s

Add gradients

12m 44s

Create navigation icons

11m 56s

Style a list

08m 9s

Make your page a web app

19m 14s

Chapter: Make Ajax Calls

Example files for Week 3

00m 20s

Make Ajax Calls

30m 35s

Get Tweets as JSON

33m 22s

CSS3 Transitions

25m 14s

Web Fonts

13m 13s

Review and Final Q&A

06m 3s

Chapter: Add Geolocation, Detect Orientation and Use CSS3 Media Queries

Example files for Week 4

00m 20s

CSS3 Media Queries

12m 7s

Detect Orientation with JavaScript

17m 46s


30m 9s

Review and Q&A

06m 20s

Chapter: Use HTML5 Databases for Offline Storage

Example files for Week 5

00m 20s

Use HTML5 Databases for Offline Storage

19m 5s

Cache the Tweets

18m 15s

Cache Manifest

09m 42s

Detect Online Status

27m 3s


08m 49s

Next Week Preview

01m 13s

Using Tweetstr while offline on the iPad

01m 48s

Chapter: Create an Address Book App with Forms

Example files for Week 6

00m 20s

Create a Web SQL Database for our Address Book

14m 35s

New Input Types

24m 6s

CSS3 Animations

16m 54s

Review and Final Q&A

04m 52s

Chapter: Build a Movie Trailer app with Audio and Video

Example files for Week 7

00m 20s

Build a Movie Trailer App with Audio and Video

17m 56s

Custom Audio Player

14m 12s

Playback Progress Bar

12m 21s

Changing the Audio

15m 21s


02m 6s

Chapter: Draw Using JavaScript and Canvas

Example files for Week 8

00m 20s

Draw using JavaScript and Canvas

16m 40s

Add Drawings to your Canvas

28m 13s

The Drawing System and Paths

12m 48s

Create Arcs and Bezier Curves

20m 44s


07m 18s

Chapter: Animate Your Drawings with Canvas

Example files for Week 9

00m 20s

Combine Images with Compositing

14m 22s

Manipulate Images on the Canvas

13m 16s

Scale and Rotate with Transforms

13m 43s

Rotate an Image

09m 15s

Create an Animation

25m 56s


03m 4s

Chapter: Combine the HTML5 Video Element with the Canvas

Example files for Week 10

00m 20s

Combine the HTML5 Video Element with Canvas

20m 30s

Create an Etch-a-sketch with DeviceMotion APIs

28m 9s

Review: What we learned about HTML5 on Mobile

18m 47s

Learning HTML5: Where to go from here

21m 18s


07m 6s