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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Mobile Context

Marketshare and Demographics

45m 3s

Build Flagship Apps

08m 57s

Design Makes the Difference

17m 30s

What's Your Story

28m 14s

Chapter: Designing for Touch

Week 2 Intro and Homework Review

38m 38s

Finger-Friendly Design

08m 28s

Big Bullseyes

18m 22s

Gesture Jiujitsu

11m 37s

Target Spacing

21m 6s

Be a Scroll Skeptic

03m 26s

Q & A

05m 16s

Chapter: Organizing Your App

Organizing Your App

10m 29s

Flat Pages

21m 17s

Tab Bar

23m 11s

Tree Structure

21m 4s

Get It On Paper

20m 13s

Chapter: The Standard Controls

Bars, Bars, Bars

45m 12s

Table Views: Lists on Steroids

19m 25s

Displaying and Editing Text

12m 0s

Multiple Choice, Buttons and Sliders

21m 28s

Chapter: Crafting a Visual Identity

What's Your App's Personality?

31m 2s

Luxury, Reality, and Illusion

14m 46s

Metaphorically Speaking

22m 26s

I Call My Invention, "The Wheel"

19m 27s

Chapter: Introducing Your App

Your Icon Is Your Business Card

17m 36s

Icon Design: Think Shadow Puppet

23m 41s

The Launch Screen

22m 7s

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

15m 52s

Alerts and Notifications

20m 32s

Chapter: Working with Gestures

Crafting Gestures

13m 16s

Shortcuts and Backup Plans

27m 57s

Clumsy Gestures

11m 48s

Screen Rotation

23m 13s

Chapter: The iPad

Greedy Pixel Syndrome

17m 3s

Media Hypertrophy (media overkill)

25m 55s

The Frankeninterface

14m 30s

Popover Pox and iPad Elbow

36m 46s

Multitouch gestures

12m 58s