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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Recipes

    1. Using OAuth to Access Twitter APIs

    2. Looking Up the Trending Topics

    3. Extracting Tweet Entities

    4. Searching for Tweets

    5. Extracting a Retweet’s Origins

    6. Creating a Graph of Retweet Relationships

    7. Visualizing a Graph of Retweet Relationships

    8. Capturing Tweets in Real-time with the Streaming API

    9. Making Robust Twitter Requests

    10. Harvesting Tweets

    11. Creating a Tag Cloud from Tweet Entities

    12. Summarizing Link Targets

    13. Harvesting Friends and Followers

    14. Performing Setwise Operations on Friendship Data

    15. Resolving User Profile Information

    16. Crawling Followers to Approximate Potential Influence

    17. Analyzing Friendship Relationships such as Friends of Friends

    18. Analyzing Friendship Cliques

    19. Analyzing the Authors of Tweets that Appear in Search Results

    20. Visualizing Geodata with a Dorling Cartogram

    21. Geocoding Locations from Profiles (or Elsewhere)