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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Recipes

    1. Downloading and Installing R

    2. Getting Help on a Function

    3. Viewing the Supplied Documentation

    4. Searching the Web for Help

    5. Reading Tabular Datafiles

    6. Reading from CSV Files

    7. Creating a Vector

    8. Computing Basic Statistics

    9. Initializing a Data Frame from Column Data

    10. Selecting Data Frame Columns by Position

    11. Selecting Data Frame Columns by Name

    12. Forming a Confidence Interval for a Mean

    13. Forming a Confidence Interval for a Proportion

    14. Comparing the Means of Two Samples

    15. Testing a Correlation for Significance

    16. Creating a Scatter Plot

    17. Creating a Bar Chart

    18. Creating a Box Plot

    19. Creating a Histogram

    20. Performing Simple Linear Regression

    21. Performing Multiple Linear Regression

    22. Getting Regression Statistics

    23. Diagnosing a Linear Regression

    24. Predicting New Values

    25. Accessing the Functions in a Package