Books & Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 HTML5 Audio and Video Elements: By-Default

    1. Adding a Media Element to a Web Page

    2. Support for Multiple Media File Types

    3. The Audio and Video File Babble and the Source Element in Detail

    4. The Media Elements in More Detail

    5. Audio and Video in Mobile Devices and Media Profiles

    6. Converting Audio and Video Content

  2. Chapter Customizing Media Elements

    1. CSS Styling

    2. Custom Controls with JavaScript and CSS

    3. Debugging and Discovering Browser Support

  3. Chapter Media Elements, Multiple Tracks, and Accessibility

    1. Media Controllers and the MediaController Interface

    2. Multiple Tracks and the Track List Interfaces

    3. The Track Element

    4. JavaScript Support for Subtitles and Captions

  4. Chapter 4 Advanced Media Element Scripting

    1. Media Elements and Canvas

    2. Media Elements and SVG

    3. The Audio Data APIs

  1. Appendix HTML Media Frameworks and Tools

    1. Subtitle/Caption Rendering Library

    2. Video Players

    3. Other Libraries, Utilities, and Toys

  2. Colophon