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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Graphics Foundations: Canvas and Sprites

    1. Working with the canvas Object

    2. Creating Smooth Animations

    3. Working with Sprites

    4. What’s at that Pixel?

    5. Choosing a Rendering Method for Our Graphics

  2. Chapter 2 Making It Isometric

  3. Chapter 3 Interface Considerations

    1. GUI Design and Interaction in Web Games

    2. Implementing the GUI

  4. Chapter 4 HTML5 Sound and Processing Optimization

    1. Adding Sound with the Audio Element

    2. Managing Computationally Expensive Work with the Web Workers API

    3. Local Storage and Session Storage

  5. Chapter 5 Connecting the Game to People

    1. Cheat Prevention and Server-Side Operations

    2. The Path to the Final Game

    3. Polishing the Game

    4. Adding a Social Networking Layer Using Facebook