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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 General Info

    1. A Quick Note About Python

    2. Installing boto

    3. Getting Started with Amazon Web Services

    4. Using boto with Eucalyptus

    5. Using boto with Google Cloud Storage

    6. Finding Available Regions for AWS

    7. Enabling Debug Output with boto

    8. Controlling Socket Timeouts in boto

  2. Chapter 2 EC2 Recipes

    1. Launching an Instance

    2. Keeping Track of Instances with Tags

    3. Accessing the Console Log

    4. Uploading Your Own SSH Keypair

    5. Synchronizing SSH Keypairs Across EC2 Regions

    6. Associate an Elastic IP Address with an Instance

    7. Attach a Persistent EBS Volume to an Instance

    8. Back Up Your EBS Volumes

    9. Restore a Volume from a Snapshot

    10. Clone an Existing Instance

    11. Find All Running EC2 Instances

    12. Monitoring the Performance of Your Instance

    13. Getting Notifications

    14. Storing Custom Data in CloudWatch

    15. Executing Custom Scripts upon Instance Startup

  3. Chapter 3 S3 Recipes

    1. Create a Bucket

    2. Create a Bucket in a Specific Location

    3. Store Private Data

    4. Store Metadata with an Object

    5. Computing Total Storage Used by a Bucket

    6. Copy an Existing Object to Another Bucket

    7. Modify the Metadata of an Existing Object

    8. Find Out Who Is Accessing Your Data

    9. Reduce the Cost of Storing Noncritical Data

    10. Generating Expiring URLs for S3 Objects

    11. Preventing Accidental Deletion of Data from S3

    12. Hosting Static Websites on S3

    13. Uploading Large Objects to S3