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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Introducing Block Objects

    1. Short Introduction to Block Objects

    2. Constructing Block Objects and Their Syntax

    3. Variables and Their Scope in Block Objects

    4. Invoking Block Objects

    5. Memory Management for Block Objects

  2. Chapter 2 Programming Grand Central Dispatch

    1. Short Introduction to Grand Central Dispatch

    2. Different Types of Dispatch Queues

    3. Dispatching Tasks to Grand Central Dispatch

    4. Performing UI-Related Tasks

    5. Performing Non-UI-Related Tasks Synchronously

    6. Performing Non-UI-Related Tasks Asynchronously

    7. Performing Tasks After a Delay

    8. Performing a Task at Most Once

    9. Running a Group of Tasks Together

    10. Constructing Your Own Dispatch Queues