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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Game Center

    1. Introducing GCD and Block Objects

    2. Creating Game Center Accounts

    3. Setting Up Game Center for an iOS App

    4. Adding the Game Kit Framework

    5. Authenticating the Local Player in Game Center

    6. Retrieving the Local Player’s Information

    7. Adding Friends in Game Center

    8. Retrieving the Local Player’s Friends Information

    9. Creating Leaderboards in iTunes Connect

    10. Reporting Scores to Leaderboards

    11. Retrieving Leaderboards Information Programmatically

    12. Displaying Leaderboards to Players

    13. Creating Achievements in iTunes Connect

    14. Reporting Achievements to Game Center

    15. Retrieving Achievements Information Programmatically

    16. Displaying Achievements to Players

    17. Supporting Multiplayer Games and Matchmaking

    18. Handling Players’ State Changes in Multiplayer Games