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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Recipes

    1. Restricting Access to Views with Password Protection

    2. Automating Generation of Controllers and Views

    3. Validating User Input

    4. Implementing Multiple Languages

    5. Sending a Welcome Email

    6. Retrieving a Forgotten Password

    7. Sorting a List of Results

    8. Paging Through a List of Results

    9. Filtering a List of Results

    10. Searching a List of Results by Keyword

    11. Uploading a File Through a Form

    12. Resizing an Image to Create a Thumbnail

    13. Implementing Ajax to Enhance the User Experience

    14. Submitting a Form with Ajax

    15. Enabling a CAPTCHA

    16. Mobilizing Your Website

    17. Paging Through Content Without the Pages

    18. Displaying Search Results While Typing

    19. Routing Users to a Specific Controller and Action

    20. Caching Results for Faster Page Loads

    21. Going Further