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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Getting Started

    1. Introduction

    2. Finding Reference Documentation

    3. Installing MongoDB

    4. Running MongoDB

    5. Setting up a Python Environment with MongoDB

  2. Chapter 2 Reading and Writing to MongoDB with Python

    1. Connecting to MongoDB with Python

    2. Getting a Database Handle

    3. Inserting a Document into a Collection

    4. Write to a Collection Safely and Synchronously

    5. Guaranteeing Writes to Multiple Database Nodes

    6. Introduction to MongoDB Query Language

    7. Reading, Counting, and Sorting Documents in a Collection

    8. Updating Documents in a Collection

    9. Deleting Documents from a Collection

    10. MongoDB Query Operators

    11. MongoDB Update Modifiers

  3. Chapter 3 Common MongoDB and Python Patterns

    1. A Uniquely Document-Oriented Pattern: Embedding

    2. Fast Lookups: Using Indexes with MongoDB

    3. Location-based Apps with MongoDB: GeoSpatial Indexing

    4. Code Defensively to Avoid KeyErrors and Other Bugs

    5. Update-or-Insert: Upserts in MongoDB

    6. Atomic Read-Write-Modify: MongoDB’s findAndModify

    7. Fast Accounting Pattern

  4. Chapter 4 MongoDB with Web Frameworks

    1. Pylons 1.x and MongoDB

    2. Pyramid and MongoDB

    3. Django and MongoDB

    4. Going Further