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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Enterprise iOS Applications

    1. Apple Developers—An Army of One

    2. Build Automation Is a Bit of a Challenge

    3. Objective-C Doesn’t Play Well with Others

    4. Code Coverage Is for Weenies

    5. iTunes Connect Is a Great Way to Keep Your Legal Staff Employed

    6. You Can Have Any Style of Distribution, as Long as it’s iTunes

    7. The Road Is Long and Winding

    8. A Few Caveats

  2. Chapter 2 Concurrent Development with iOS

    1. A Little Ditty ‘bout Tom and Diane

    2. More Merge Mayhem

    3. Workspaces and Static Libraries

    4. Let’s Be Careful Out There

  3. Chapter 3 Automating iOS Builds

    1. Introducing Hudson

    2. Breaking the News to Your IT Department

    3. Provisioning Your Build Machine

    4. Installing Hudson

    5. Creating the Build Job

    6. Creating an Ant Build File

    7. Testing xcodebuild

    8. Integrating xcodebuild into an Ant Script

    9. Calling the Ant Script from Hudson

    10. Getting Fancy with Hudson

  4. Chapter 4 Integrating iOS Applications into Enterprise Services

    1. The Rules of the Road

    2. First Things First: Getting a Connection

    3. Using NSURLConnection—The BuggyWhip News Network

    4. Something a Little More Practical—Parsing XML Response

    5. Generating XML for Submission to Services

    6. Once More, with JSON

    7. SOAP on a Rope

    8. A Final Caution

  5. Chapter 5 Testing Enterprise iOS Applications

    1. Unit Testing iOS Applications

    2. Setting Up an OCUnit Target

    3. Generating Code Coverage Metrics

    4. Generating Code Complexity Metrics

    5. Creating UI Tests (The Old and Painful Way)

    6. UI Testing Using OCUnit

  6. Chapter 6 Enterprises and the iTunes App Store

    1. Things to Start Worrying About Immediately

    2. Things to Worry About a Month Before Launch

    3. Things to Worry About Two Weeks Before Launch

    4. Things to Worry About One Week Before Launch

    5. Things to Worry About on Launch Day

    6. Things to Worry About in the Month After Launch

  7. Chapter 7 Distributing Enterprise iOS Applications

    1. Testing Applications with Ad Hoc Profiles

    2. A Better Mousetrap for Ad Hoc Infrastructure

    3. Enterprise Distribution

    4. The Long Haul

  8. Chapter 8 Long Term Maintenance of iOS Enterprise Applications

    1. Option 1: The Perpetually Compatible Application

    2. (Non-)Option 2: The Perpetually Compatible Server

    3. Option 3: App Store Version Roulette

    4. Option 4: Exotic Distribution Methods

    5. Option 5: The Swiss Army App

    6. Welcome to the Club, We Have Jackets