CoffeeScript on Node.js
Building Responsive Internet Services
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Released: May 2014 (est.)
Pages: 300

What if you were to marry CoffeeScript to Node.js? You’d get one powerful tool for server-side JavaScript programming. This hands-on reference shows you how to build elegant and responsive Internet services by combining these two technologies—ideal whether you’re coming from a traditional server-side language like PHP or Python, or from client-side JavaScript development.

CoffeeScript makes writing JavaScript applications easier, with less code and fewer errors. And Node.js is an event-based framework that enables you to write non-blocking Internet services. Together, they’re the dynamic duo. With this book, you’ll learn the programming aspects, project organization, and test automation required for building CoffeeScript applications on Node.js. All code is available in GitHub.

  • Learn about the CoffeeScript language, and how it interacts with the JavaScript ecosystem
  • Discover how to build web services with Node.js—the programming framework for Google’s V8 JavaScript engine
  • Improve your code documentation and testing skills
  • Expand your Node.js skills from the Web to other protocols such as WebSockets, and LDAP
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