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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Recipes

    1. Determining Whether the Device Is Ready

    2. Retrieving Information About the Device

    3. Creating a Persistent Navigation System

    4. Detecting the Device’s Network Status

    5. Detecting When the Network Status Changes

    6. Executing a Callback Function Once the Device Is Ready

    7. Detecting When the App Is Moved to the Background or Foreground

    8. Using the GPS and Displaying a Position on a Map

    9. Using the Compass to Help the User Navigate

    10. Using the Accelerometer to Detect Motion

    11. Displaying Table-View Data

    12. Retrieving Contacts in the Address Book

    13. Creating a New Contact in the Address Book

    14. Accessing the Camera and Photo Album

    15. Saving Data to a Remote Server

    16. Capturing Audio and Video

    17. Notifying the Device with Alert, Confirm, and Vibrate

    18. Storing Data to the Device

    19. Reading Data from the Device

    20. Extending PhoneGap with Plug-ins