Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Grails: What and Why

06m 45s

An Introduction to Groovy

04m 45s

Groovy Hello, World

05m 5s

Groovy Strings

07m 11s

Groovy Collections

07m 49s

Groovy Closures

06m 10s

Groovy Beans

08m 52s

Groovy Metaprogramming

10m 19s

Installing Grails

14m 58s

Creating Domain Classes

15m 3s

Generating Scaffolding

15m 31s

Configuring Grails

26m 34s

Domain Class Relationships

21m 5s

Groovy Server Pages

15m 18s

A Closer Look at Controllers

26m 13s

Wrapping Up

08m 37s