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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Before You Hack

    1. Create a Great Backup

    2. Create a Bootable Flash Drive

    3. Partition that Drive Nondestructively

    4. Get to Know Your User Account

    5. Home Folder to Go

    6. Fun with PLIST

    7. Troubleshooting Mac OS X

  2. Chapter 2 Mountain Lion Hacks

    1. Copy the Mountain Lion Installer to a Flash Drive

    2. Resurrect Web Sharing in Mountain Lion

    3. Make Notification Center Less Annoying

    4. Quick Hacks for Mountain Lion

    5. A Clean Install of Mountain Lion

  3. Chapter 3 Customize Your OS X Experience

    1. Tame Your Browsers

    2. Blog with Your Mac

    3. Host a Web Page on Your Mac (and Get at Your Files Anytime)

    4. Change the Startup Sound

    5. Full Screen for (Almost) Any App

    6. Create Custom Icons

  4. Chapter 4 Hacks for a More Informative Mac

    1. Quit the Finder

    2. Move a Widget to the Desktop

    3. Turn Your Desktop into a Fount of Useful Info

  5. Chapter 5 Make It Automatic

    1. Getting Things Done with AppleScript

    2. Create a Service with Automator

    3. Customize the Services Menu

    4. Speed Things Up with Keybindings

    5. Eject iTunes

  6. Chapter 6 Fun with Unix

    1. Harmless Unix Tricks

    2. Install Homebrew

    3. Get Things Done Safely with the Command Line

    4. Manipulate Images with ImageMagick

    5. Customize the Dock with Terminal

  7. Chapter 7 Lock Down that Mac

    1. Achieve Network Anonymity

    2. Monitor Your Network Traffic

    3. Protect Sensitive Files

    4. Encrypt a USB Drive

    5. Add Physical Security Measures to Your Mac

  8. Chapter 8 Other OSes

    1. Run a Minecraft Server on Your Mac

    2. Play Wii Games on Your Mac

    3. Manage Your Devices with Profile Manager

  9. Chapter 9 Networking Hacks

    1. Optimize Your WiFi

    2. Secure Your Wireless Network

    3. Use Your Mac as an Access Point

  10. Chapter 10 Multimedia Hacks

    1. Turn Your Mac into a DVR

    2. Master Torrents

    3. Move Your iTunes Library

    4. Get Free and Better-Sounding Music for iTunes

  11. Chapter 11 Hack Some Hardware

    1. Have Your Mac Automagically Recognize You

    2. Squeeze Some Speed out of an Aging MacBook Pro

    3. Give Your Polycarbonate Mac a Dye Job

    4. Get that iMac out of the Way

    5. Use a Wiimote with Your Mac

    6. Turn Your MacBook into a Tablet

  1. Colophon