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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction

    1. What Is Data Journalism?

    2. Why Journalists Should Use Data

    3. Why Is Data Journalism Important?

    4. Some Favorite Examples

    5. Data Journalism in Perspective

  2. Chapter 2 In The Newsroom

    1. The ABC’s Data Journalism Play

    2. Data Journalism at the BBC

    3. How the News Apps Team at the Chicago Tribune Works

    4. Behind the Scenes at the Guardian Datablog

    5. Data Journalism at the Zeit Online

    6. How to Hire a Hacker

    7. Harnessing External Expertise Through Hackathons

    8. Following the Money: Data Journalism and Cross-Border Collaboration

    9. Our Stories Come As Code

    10. Kaas & Mulvad: Semi-Finished Content for Stakeholder Groups

    11. Business Models for Data Journalism

  3. Chapter 3 Case Studies

    1. The Opportunity Gap

    2. A Nine Month Investigation into European Structural Funds

    3. The Eurozone Meltdown

    4. Covering the Public Purse with

    5. Finnish Parliamentary Elections and Campaign Funding

    6. Electoral Hack in Realtime (Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires)

    7. Data in the News: WikiLeaks

    8. Mapa76 Hackathon

    9. The Guardian Datablog’s Coverage of the UK Riots

    10. Illinois School Report Cards

    11. Hospital Billing

    12. Care Home Crisis

    13. The Tell-All Telephone

    14. Which Car Model? MOT Failure Rates

    15. Bus Subsidies in Argentina

    16. Citizen Data Reporters

    17. The Big Board for Election Results

    18. Crowdsourcing the Price of Water

  4. Chapter 4 Getting Data

    1. A Five Minute Field Guide

    2. Your Right to Data

    3. Wobbing Works. Use It!

    4. Getting Data from the Web

    5. The Web as a Data Source

    6. Crowdsourcing Data at the Guardian Datablog

    7. How the Datablog Used Crowdsourcing to Cover Olympic Ticketing

    8. Using and Sharing Data: the Black Letter, the Fine Print, and Reality

  5. Chapter 5 Understanding Data

    1. Become Data Literate in Three Simple Steps

    2. Tips for Working with Numbers in the News

    3. Basic Steps in Working with Data

    4. The £32 Loaf of Bread

    5. Start With the Data, Finish With a Story

    6. Data Stories

    7. Data Journalists Discuss Their Tools of Choice

    8. Using Data Visualization to Find Insights in Data

  6. Chapter 6 Delivering Data

    1. Presenting Data to the Public

    2. How to Build a News App

    3. News Apps at ProPublica

    4. Visualization as the Workhorse of Data Journalism

    5. Using Visualizations to Tell Stories

    6. Different Charts Tell Different Tales

    7. Data Visualization DIY: Our Top Tools

    8. How We Serve Data at Verdens Gang

    9. Public Data Goes Social

    10. Engaging People Around Your Data

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