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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Learning Agile

    1. What Is Agile?

    2. Who Should Read This Book

    3. Our Goals for This Book

    4. Getting Agile into Your Brain by Any Means Necessary

    5. How This Book Is Structured

  2. Chapter 2 Understanding Agile Values

    1. A Team Lead, Architect, and Project Manager Walk into a Bar...

    2. No Silver Bullet

    3. Agile to the Rescue! (Right?)

    4. A Fractured Perspective

    5. The Agile Manifesto Helps Teams See the Purpose Behind Each Practice

    6. Understanding the Elephant

    7. Where to Start with a New Methodology

  3. Chapter 3 The Agile Principles

    1. The 12 Principles of Agile Software

    2. The Customer Is Always Right...Right?

    3. Delivering the Project

    4. Communicating and Working Together

    5. Project Execution—Moving the Project Along

    6. Constantly Improving the Project and the Team

    7. The Agile Project: Bringing All the Principles Together

  4. Chapter 4 Scrum and Self-Organizing Teams

    1. The Rules of Scrum

    2. Act I: I Can Haz Scrum?

    3. Everyone on a Scrum Team Owns the Project

    4. Act II: Status Updates Are for Social Networks!

    5. The Whole Team Uses the Daily Scrum

    6. Act III: Sprinting into a Wall

    7. Sprints, Planning, and Retrospectives

    8. Act IV: Dog Catches Car

  5. Chapter 5 Scrum Planning and Collective Commitment

    1. Act V: Not Quite Expecting the Unexpected

    2. User Stories, Velocity, and Generally Accepted Scrum Practices

    3. Act VI: Victory Lap

    4. Scrum Values Revisited

  6. Chapter 6 XP and Embracing Change

    1. Act I: Going into Overtime

    2. The Primary Practices of XP

    3. Act II: The Game Plan Changed, but We’re Still Losing

    4. The XP Values Help the Team Change Their Mindset

    5. An Effective Mindset Starts with the XP Values

    6. Act III: The Momentum Shifts

    7. Understanding the XP Principles Helps You Embrace Change

  7. Chapter 7 XP, Simplicity, and Incremental Design

    1. Act IV: Going into Overtime, Part 2: Second Overtime

    2. Code and Design

    3. Make Code and Design Decisions at the Last Responsible Moment

    4. Incremental Design and the Holistic XP Practices

    5. Act V: Final Score

  8. Chapter 8 Lean, Eliminating Waste, and Seeing the Whole

    1. Lean Thinking

    2. Act I: Just One More Thing...

    3. Creating Heroes and Magical Thinking

    4. Eliminate Waste

    5. Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Product

    6. Deliver As Fast As Possible

  9. Chapter 9 Kanban, Flow, and Constantly Improving

    1. Act II: Playing Catch-Up

    2. The Principles of Kanban

    3. Improving Your Process with Kanban

    4. Measure and Manage Flow

    5. Emergent Behavior with Kanban

  10. Chapter 10 The Agile Coach

    1. Act III: Just One More Thing (Again?!)...

    2. Coaches Understand Why People Don’t Always Want to Change

    3. Coaches Understand How People Learn

    4. Coaches Understand What Makes a Methodology Work

    5. The Principles of Coaching