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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 To the Cloud!

    1. Who I Think You Are and Why I Think You Care

    2. Introducing Amazon Web Services

    3. The Plan of Attack

    4. Setting Up the Domain and DNS

    5. Setting Up Your Security Credentials

    6. Setting Up Your First Virtual Private Cloud

    7. Standing Up Your First Server Instance

    8. Understanding and Configuring Your VPN Server

    9. Your New Topology

    10. Wrapping Up

  2. Chapter 2 Directories, Controllers, and Authorities—Oh My!

    1. So Young for Such a Big Promotion!

    2. Configuring the Default VPC DHCP to Play Nice with Your New Domain

    3. Creating Your Own Certificate Authority

    4. Wrapping Up

  3. Chapter 3 Let There Be Email!

    1. Setting Up the Instance

    2. Installing Exchange

    3. Configuring Your New Mail Beast for Incoming Messages

    4. Configuring Outgoing Mail

    5. Telling the Outside World About Yourself

    6. Wrapping Up

  4. Chapter 4 Doing Things the Easy Way

    1. Introducing the EC2 API Command Line Tools

    2. Downloading, Installing, and Configuring the Tools

    3. Downloading and Importing a Test Image

    4. Cleaning Up and Wrapping Up

  5. Chapter 5 Do You Have Some Time to Chat?

    1. Chat? Really? Isn’t That So 1990s?

    2. One Standard to Rule Them All

    3. Configuring the Network

    4. Installing and Configuring Your XMPP Client

    5. Wrapping Up

  6. Chapter 6 The Voice of a New Generation

    1. Enter SIP

    2. Picking and Installing a PBX Package

    3. Making VoIP Calls

    4. Wrapping Up

  7. Chapter 7 Keeping Your Network Fit, Trim, and Healthy

    1. Regular Backups

    2. Monitoring

    3. System Updates

    4. PBX Module Updates

    5. Recovering from Disaster

    6. Wrapping Up

  8. Chapter 8 For Those About to Grok, We Salute You

    1. Building a PBX from Scratch on a Stock Amazon AMI

    2. Inside SSH—The Really Useful Edition

    3. Really, Really Wrapping Up