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Table of Contents

  1. Validation

    1. Chapter 1 Early Validation

      1. A Market, a Problem, and a Product Walk into a Bar
      2. Some Tools for Early Validation
      3. Early Validation Isn’t the End
      4. Loosely Related Rant: Pain-Driven Design
      5. Go Do This Now!
    2. Chapter 2 The Right Sort of Research at the Right Time

      1. Competitor Testing
      2. Five-Second Tests
      3. Clickable Prototype Testing
      4. Guerilla User Tests
      5. Loosely Related Rant: Shut the Hell Up and Other Tips for Getting Feedback
      6. Go Do This Now!
    3. Chapter 3 Faster User Research

      1. Iterate! Iterate! Iterate!
      2. Stay in the Building
      3. Unmoderated Testing
      4. When to Survey
      5. Loosely Related Rant: Stupid Reasons for Not Doing Research
      6. Go Do This Now!
    4. Chapter 4 Qualitative Research Is Great...Except When It’s Terrible

      1. A One-Variable Change
      2. A Multivariable or Flow Change
      3. Deciding What to Build Next
      4. Loosely Related Rant: If You Build It, Will They Buy It?
      5. Go Do This Now!
  2. Design

    1. Chapter 5 Designing for Validation

      1. Tool 1: Truly Understand the Problem
      2. Tool 2: Design the Test First
      3. Tool 3: Write Some Stories
      4. Tool 4: Talk About Possible Solutions with the Team
      5. Tool 5: Make a Decision
      6. Tool 6: (In)Validate the Approach
      7. Tool 7: Sketch a Few Approaches
      8. Tool 8: Create Interactive Prototypes
      9. Tool 9: Test and Iterate
      10. Loosely Related Rant: Give the Users What They Really Want
      11. Go Do This Now!
    2. Chapter 6 Just Enough Design

      1. Design the Necessary, Not the Neat
      2. Here’s Another Example
      3. Build a Feature Stub
      4. Build a Wizard of Oz Feature
      5. Solve Only the Important Problems
      6. Loosely Related Rant: Stop Worrying About the Cup Holders
      7. Go Do This Now!
    3. Chapter 7 Design Hacks

      1. Design Patterns
      2. Competitive Research
      3. User Testing the Competition
      4. Consistency
      5. Frameworks
      6. There’s Probably a Plug-in for That
      7. Don’t Design It at All
      8. Getting Some Professional Help
      9. Loosely Related Rant: The Art of the UX Steal
      10. The Right Way to Steal
      11. Go Do This Now!
    4. Chapter 8 Diagrams, Sketches, Wireframes, and Prototypes

      1. Why Diagram?
      2. When Do You Sketch?
      3. What’s a Wireframe, and Why Do You Care?
      4. Do You Have to Make an Interactive Prototype?
      5. So Which Should You Build?
      6. Loosely Related Rant: Why I Hate Paper Prototypes
      7. Go Do This Now!
    5. Chapter 9 An MVP Is Both M & V

      1. The Landing Page
      2. The First Iteration
      3. Loosely Related Rant: Limited Products versus Crappy Products
      4. Go Do This Now!
    6. Chapter 10 The Right Amount of Visual Design

      1. Why Is Visual Design Important in UX?
      2. Loosely Related Rant: The Best Visual Design in the World
      3. Go Do This Now!
  3. Product

    1. Chapter 11 Measure It!

      1. What Does Measuring Design Entail, Anyway?
      2. Several Stupid Reasons for Not A/B Testing (and a Couple of Good Ones)
      3. When to A/B Test and When to Research
      4. What A/B Testing Does Well
      5. What Qualitative Testing Does Well
      6. How Do They Work Together?
      7. Which Metrics Equal Happy Users
      8. Loosely Related Rant: Stupid Mistakes People Make When Analyzing Data
      9. Go Do This Now!
    2. Chapter 12 Go Faster!

      1. Work as a Cross-Functional Team
      2. Combine Product and UX Roles
      3. Avoid Engineering When Possible
      4. Loosely Related Rant: Ship It Already! Just Not to Everyone at Once
      5. Go Do This Now!
    3. Chapter 13 The Big Finish

  1. Appendix About the Author