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Table of Contents

Introduction and Shopping List

07m 34s

Hands-On One: Installation (Mac OS X)

04m 6s

Hands-On One: Installation (Windows)

06m 2s

Hands-On One: Installation (Linux)

08m 7s

Hands-On One: Blink Sketch

09m 15s

Project and Hardware Inspiration

11m 52s

Hands-On Two: Introduction

08m 19s

Hands-On Two: Assembling the Blink Circuit

07m 59s

Hands-On Two: Blink Sketch Revisited and Circuit Troubleshooting

03m 29s

Hands-On Two: Button Input Introduction

03m 2s

Hands-On Two: Assembling the Button Circuit

07m 27s

Hands-On Two: Button Input Sketch

05m 36s

Hands-On Two: Input and Output Combined

10m 41s

Hands-On Three: Introduction

01m 11s

Hands-On Three: Assembling the Multiple LED Circuit

13m 26s

Hands-On Three: Multiple LED Blink Sketch

06m 49s

Hands-On Three: A Better Blink without Delay

08m 17s

Hands-On Three: Better Sketches with Loops and Arrays not Copy and Paste

12m 26s

Hands-On Three: Fading an LED

04m 23s

Hands-On Three: Reading Numbers from the Serial Monitor

11m 59s

Hands-On Three: Remembering Information when Powered Off

10m 23s

Hands-On Four: LCD Display (Bonus Content)

05m 46s

Course Wrap Up and Conclusion

01m 2s