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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Web Services Quickstart

    1. Web Service Miscellany

    2. What Good Are Web Services?

    3. Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture

    4. A Very Short History of Web Services

    5. What Is REST?

    6. Review of HTTP Requests and Responses

    7. HTTP as an API

    8. A First RESTful Example

    9. Why Use Servlets for RESTful Web Services?

    10. What’s Next?

  2. Chapter 2 RESTful Web Services: The Service Side

    1. A RESTful Service as an HttpServlet

    2. A RESTful Web Service as a JAX-RS Resource

    3. A RESTful Web Service as Restlet Resources

    4. A RESTful Service as a @WebServiceProvider

    5. What’s Next?

  3. Chapter 3 RESTful Web Services: The Client Side

    1. A Perl Client Against a Java RESTful Web Service

    2. A Client Against the Amazon E-Commerce Service

    3. A Standalone JAX-B Example

    4. Another Client Against the Amazon E-Commerce Service

    5. The CTA Bus-Tracker Services

    6. RESTful Clients and WADL Documents

    7. The JAX-RS Client API

    8. JSON for JavaScript Clients

    9. What’s Next?

  4. Chapter 4 SOAP-Based Web Services

    1. A SOAP-Based Web Service

    2. The RandService in Two Files

    3. Clients Against the RandService

    4. The WSDL Service Contract in Detail

    5. SOAP-Based Clients Against Amazon’s E-Commerce Service

    6. What’s Next?

  5. Chapter 5 SOAP Handlers and Faults

    1. The Handler Level in SOAP-Based Services and Clients

    2. Handlers and Faults in the predictionsSOAP Service

    3. A Handler Chain with Two Handlers

    4. SOAP-Based Web Services and Binary Data

    5. The Transport Level

    6. Axis2

    7. What’s Next?

  6. Chapter 6 Web Services Security

    1. Wire-Level Security

    2. A Very Lightweight HTTPS Server and Client

    3. HTTPS in a Production-Grade Web Server

    4. Container-Managed Security

    5. WS-Security

    6. What’s Next?

  7. Chapter 7 Web Services and Java Application Servers

    1. The Web Container

    2. Toward a Lightweight JAS

    3. GlassFish Basics

    4. Servlet-Based Web Services Under GlassFish

    5. An Interactive Website and a SOAP-Based Web Service

    6. A @WebService as a @Stateless Session EJB

    7. TomEE: Tomcat with Java EE Extensions

    8. Where Is the Best Place to Be in Java Web Services?

  1. Index

  2. Colophon