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Table of Contents


10m 13s

Relational Model Part 1

26m 45s

Relational Model Part 2

42m 52s

Relational Model Part 3

25m 37s

Time and the Database

28m 14s

What's the Problem

20m 50s


19m 1s

Interval Operators

12m 12s

Set Operators

18m 41s

Pack and Unpack Part 1

09m 38s

Pack and Unpack Part 2

16m 10s

Pack and Unpack Part 3

14m 59s

Relational Operators

22m 27s

Database Design Part 1

18m 10s

Database Design Part 2

25m 39s

Integrity Constraints Part 1

31m 15s

Integrity Constraints Part 2

21m 9s


13m 49s

Updates Part 1

17m 13s

Updates Part 2

16m 56s

Stated Times and Logged Times

26m 4s

Point and Interval Types Revisited

27m 25s

Cyclic Point Types

10m 33s

SQL Features Part 1

28m 13s

SQL Features Part 2

25m 57s