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07m 40s

Welcome to the (R)evolution

20m 45s

The Author Blueprint for Success: What Does it Look Like?

23m 48s

Give It Away: How Free Digital Content Creates Paid Book Sales

19m 3s

Radical Advocacy: Literary Agents on Your Side

16m 45s

Community-Driven Publishing: Leveraging New Patterns of Content and Audience Development

48m 24s

An IP and Copyright Primer: What You Need to Know in an Ever-Evolving Publishing Landscape

42m 32s

How to Put it Together Part 1: Choosing a Production and Distribution Service

42m 53s

How to Put it Together Part 2: Thoughtful Strategies Around Marketing and Discovery

52m 2s

Embracing Data

23m 47s

Way Beyond the Book: Opportunities for Writers in the Digital Age

29m 35s

Top Takeaways for the (R)evolution

06m 51s