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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Designing for Emerging Technologies

    1. A Call to Arms

    2. Design for Disruption

    3. Eight Design Tenets for Emerging Technology

    4. Changing Design and Designing Change

  2. Chapter 2 Intelligent Materials: Designing Material Behavior

    1. Bits and Atoms

    2. Emerging Frontiers in Additive Manufacturing

    3. Micro Manufacturing

    4. Dynamic Structures and Programmable Matter

    5. Connecting the Dots: What Does Intelligent Matter Mean for Designers?

    6. Conclusion

  3. Chapter 3 Taking Control of Gesture Interaction

    1. Reinventing the User Experience

    2. Analysis

    3. Prototyping

    4. A Case Study: Gesture Control

    5. Trade-offs

    6. Looking Ahead

  4. Chapter 4 Fashion with Function: Designing for Wearables

    1. The Next Big Wave in Technology

    2. The Wearables Market Segments

    3. Wearables Are Not Alone

    4. UX (and Human) Factors to Consider

    5. Summary

  5. Chapter 5 Learning and Thinking with Things

    1. Tangible Interfaces

    2. (Near) Future Technology

    3. Timeless Design Principles?

    4. Farther Out, a Malleable Future

    5. Nothing New Under the Sun

    6. Closing

  6. Chapter 6 Designing for Collaborative Robotics

    1. Introduction

    2. Designing Safety Systems for Robots

    3. Humanlike Robots

    4. Human-Robot Collaboration

    5. Testing Designs by Using Robotics Platforms

    6. Future Challenges for Robots Helping People

    7. Conclusion

    8. Robotics Resources

  7. Chapter 7 Design Takes on New Dimensions: Evolving Visualization Approaches for Neuroscience and Cosmology

    1. The Brain Is Wider Than the Sky

    2. Section 1: An Expanding Palette for Visualization

    3. Section 2: Visualizing Scientific Models (Some Assembly Required)

    4. Section 3: Evolving Tools, Processes, and Interactions

    5. Conclusion

  8. Chapter 8 Embeddables: The Next Evolution of Wearable Tech

    1. Technology That Gets Under Your Skin

    2. Permeable Beings: The History of Body Modification

    3. Decoration, Meaning, and Communication

    4. Optimization and Repair

    5. The Extended Human

    6. Just Science Fiction, Right?

    7. Key Questions to Consider

  9. Chapter 9 Prototyping Interactive Objects

    1. Misconceptions Surrounding Designers Learning to Code

  10. Chapter 10 Emerging Technology and Toy Design

    1. The Challenge of Toy Design

    2. Toys and the S-Curve

    3. Toys and Intellectual Property

    4. Emerging Technologies in Toy Design

    5. Inherently Playful Technology

    6. Sensors and Toy Design

    7. Emerging Technology in Production and Manufacturing

    8. Summary

  11. Chapter 11 Musical Instrument Design

    1. Experience Design and Musical Instruments

    2. The Evolution of the Musician

    3. Conclusion

  12. Chapter 12 Design for Life

    1. Bloodletting to Bloodless

    2. The Surveillance Invasion

    3. Life First—Health a Distant Second

    4. Stage Zero Detection

    5. From Protein to Pixel to Policy

    6. Final Thoughts

  13. Chapter 13 Architecture as Interface: Advocating a Hybrid Design Approach for Interconnected Environments

    1. The Blur of Interconnected Environments

    2. Theorizing Digital Culture: New Models of Convergence

    3. Hybrid Design Practice

    4. Changing Definitions of Space

    5. A Framework for Interconnected Environments

    6. Spheres of Inquiry

    7. An Exercise in Hybrid Design Practice

    8. Architecture as Interface

    9. Conclusion

    10. References

  14. Chapter 14 Design for the Networked World: A Practice for the Twenty-First Century

    1. The Future of Design

    2. New Environment, New Materials

    3. New Tools for a New Craft

  15. Chapter 15 New Responsibilities of the Design Discipline: A Critical Counterweight to the Coming Technologies?

    1. Critiquing Emerging Technology

    2. Emerging Technologies

    3. New Responsibilities of the Design Discipline

    4. Bibliography

  16. Chapter 16 Designing Human-Robot Relationships

    1. Me Man, You Robot: Designers Creating Powerful Tools

    2. Me Man, You Robot? Developing Emotional Relationships with Robots

    3. Me Robot? On Becoming Robotic

    4. Into the Future

    5. Your Robot: Consider Nielsen, Maslow, and Aristotle

    6. Conclusion

  17. Chapter 17 Tales from the Crick: Experiences and Services When Design Fiction Meets Synthetic Biology

    1. Design Fictions as a Speculative Tool to Widen the Understanding of Technology

    2. The Building Bricks of the Debate

    3. Healthcare Narratives: From Scenarios to Societal Debates

    4. Living Objects: Symbiotic Indispensable Companions

  18. Chapter 18 Beyond 3D Printing: The New Dimensions of Additive Fabrication

    1. MIT and the Mediated Matter Group: Previous and Current Additive Fabrication Research

    2. The Dimensions of Additive Fabrication

    3. Conclusion

  19. Chapter 19 Become an Expert at Becoming an Expert

    1. Into the Fire

    2. Eating the Elephant

    3. Onward

  20. Chapter 20 The Changing Role of Design

    1. On the Impact of Emerging Technologies

    2. Design Complexity and Emerging Technologies

    3. Design Trends for Emerging Technologies

    4. User Experience: Finding Its Level

    5. The Future for Me, the Future for You

  1. Appendix Companies, Products, and Links

  2. Appendix About the Authors

  3. Appendix Designing for Emerging Technologies