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Table of Contents

  1. Building Polyfills

    1. Chapter 1 The Current State of Web Polyfills

      1. Polyfilling: Past, Present, and Future
      2. What Is a Polyfill (and What Is It Not)?
      3. Types of Polyfills
      4. Why Polyfills Still Matter
    2. Chapter 2 Principles and Practices of Polyfill Development

      1. Building Responsible Polyfills
      2. Principles of Responsible Polyfill Development
    3. Chapter 3 Building Your First Polyfill, Part 1: Getting Started

      1. The HTML5 Forms Polyfill
      2. Setting Up Your Polyfill Project
      3. Specifying the API
      4. Deciding What to Build
      5. Adding Basic Features
      6. Beefing Up Your Polyfill with Additional Features
      7. Building Utility Polyfills
      8. Polyfilling Visual Features With CSS
      9. Testing Your Work Across Browsers
    4. Chapter 4 Building Your First Polyfill, Part 2: Build Workflows and Cross-Browser Testing

      1. Setting Up Your Project Workflow
      2. Jump-Starting Your Workflow
      3. Adding Unit Tests to Your Polyfill
      4. Automating Cross-Browser Polyfill Testing
      5. Configuring Cross-Browser Tests with Karma
      6. The Bottom Line: Use What Works for You!
    5. Chapter 5 Building Your First Polyfill, Part 3: Performance and Edge-Case Testing

      1. Building for Performance
      2. Dealing with Browser-Specific Edge Cases
      3. Mobile-Specific Considerations
  2. Prollyfilling and the Future of the Web Platform

    1. Chapter 6 The Future of Polyfilling

      1. Polyfilling: Not Just For Older Browsers
      2. Prollyfilling: Extending the Web Forward
      3. Prollyfills In Action: Prollyfilling CSS
      4. Prollyfills in Action: ServiceWorker
      5. Prollyfills in Action: Web Components
      6. Strategies for Polyfilling Experimental APIs
    2. Chapter 7 Building Your First Prollyfill

      1. Prollyfills vs. Polyfills: What’s the Difference?
      2. The Resource Priorities Prollyfill
      3. Specifying the API and Deciding What to Build
      4. Setting Up Your Prollyfill Project
      5. Adding Prollyfill Features
      6. What’s Next?
  1. Colophon