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Table of Contents

Chapter: Act 1

Course Overview

31m 24s


59m 37s

Graphics and Animation, Part 1

27m 40s

Graphics and Animation, Part 2

24m 11s

Setting the Stage

35m 38s


33m 6s

Sprite Sheets

33m 54s

Sprite Behaviors, Part 1

31m 23s

Sprite Behaviors, Part 2

22m 40s

Sprite Behaviors, Part 3

20m 58s

Chapter: Act 2

Time, Part 1

31m 20s

Time, Part 2

21m 30s

Time, Part 3

34m 48s

Time, Part 4

28m 30s

Time Systems

58m 16s

Collision Detection, Part 1

19m 43s

Collision Detection, Part 2

30m 34s


29m 43s

Sprite Animations

28m 50s

Transitions and Effects, Part 1

22m 47s

Transitions and Effects, Part 2

20m 1s

Chapter: Act 3

Score and Instructions

13m 26s

Sound and Music

19m 31s

Loading Screen

17m 59s

Skip Intro

11m 35s

Running Slowly Warning

23m 55s

Tweeting the Score

05m 55s

Particle Systems, Smoke and Fire

02m 0s

Developer's Backdoor, Part 1

18m 17s

Developer's Backdoor, Part 2

26m 37s


16m 48s

On the Server

44m 58s


08m 17s