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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Robots Made from Interesting Materials

    1. Project: Make Actuated Paper

    2. Project: Make an Inflatable Robot

  2. Chapter 2 Robots That Get Around

    1. Project: Make a Compressible Tensegrity Robot

    2. Project: Design a Wheel-Leg Hybrid

  3. Chapter 3 Unevolved Robots

    1. Project: Make a Swarm of Gliding Vibrobots

    2. Project: Make a Souped-Up Solar BEAM Wobblebot

  4. Chapter 4 Robot Friends and Helpers

    1. Project: Make a Chatbot Program

    2. Project: Picture Yourself in the Uncanny Valley

  5. Chapter 5 Fun, Artsy Robots

    1. Project: Make a littleBits Plotter

    2. Project: Make FiberBot, an E-Textile Arduino Robot