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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Paper Science

    1. The Invention of Paper

    2. Project: Make Your Own Super Easy, Super Quick Recycled Paper

    3. Project: Make Edible Rice Paper

    4. Self-Folding Paper Models

    5. Project: Make Self-Folding Paper Models

  2. Chapter 2 Paper Tech

    1. Paper Circuits

    2. Project: Build a Basic Paper Circuit

    3. Project: Make a Light-Up Paper Cat

    4. Project: Make a Paper Tilt Sensor

    5. Paper Generators

    6. Project: Make a Paper Generator

  3. Chapter 3 Paper Engineering

    1. Paper Structures

    2. Project: Make a Tabletop Tetrahedron

    3. Project: Make a Geodesic Dome Out of Newspaper

    4. Paper Machines

    5. Project: Make a Paper Cam Sampler

    6. Project: Build a Paper Space Rover Automaton

  4. Chapter 4 3-D Paper Art

    1. Paper as an Art Material

    2. Project: Learn to Make Quilling Shapes

    3. Project: Make a Quilling Sun Spiral Design

    4. Project: Make a Woven Paper Wristband

    5. Project: Open Weave Paper Link Basket

  5. Chapter 5 Paper Math

    1. Paper Fractals

    2. Project: Fold a Paper Dragon Curve Fractal

    3. The Amazing, Versatile Box Pleat

    4. Project: Action Origami Robot Worm

    5. The Math of Cut Paper

    6. Project: Fold-and-One-Cut Star

    7. Project: Make a Mobius Strip

    8. Project: Make a Hexaflexagon

  6. Appendix Templates

    1. Tips for Copying or Drawing Your Own Templates

    2. Self-Folding Paper Model Templates

  7. Appendix Paper Tech Templates

  8. Appendix Cam Sampler

  9. Appendix Space Rover

  10. Appendix Mobius Strip Results