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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Embracing Uncertainty

    1. Embrace Uncertainty

    2. From Microsoft’s Monoculture to Today’s Healthy Chaos

    3. Where We Are Right Now

  2. Chapter 2 Navigating the Uncertain Web

    1. Don’t Blame the Web for Being the Web

    2. Identify and Embrace Your Audience

    3. Test and Pray for the Best

    4. Focus on Optimal, Not Absolute Solutions

    5. Embrace Accessibility

    6. Lose Your Technology Biases

    7. Lose Your Stack Biases

    8. Keep at Least One Eye on the Cutting Edge

    9. Spread Your Wings (and Question Your Assumptions)

  3. Chapter 3 Lay a Foundation for the Future with Feature Detection and Polyfills

    1. Feature Detection

    2. Using Modernizr

    3. “Frontend Development Done Right”

  4. Chapter 4 Selecting Responsive Design or Another Mobile Experience

    1. Boston Globe’s RWD Redesign

    2. Really? RWD for Every Site?

    3. Mobile First, RESS, and the Rest of the Mobile Development Universe

    4. Choosing a Development Path

    5. Redirects Should Resolve Logically

    6. Redirect Options

    7. Always Offer an Escape from the Mobile Version

    8. Be Fluid and Design for Your Design

    9. “Accepting the Ebb and Flow of Things”

  5. Chapter 5 Working with User Input

    1. The State of User Input on the Web

    2. What It Means to Get It Wrong

    3. Design for a Spectrum of Potential User Inputs

    4. Working with the Full User Input Spectrum

    5. Assume Nothing and Accommodate Everyone

  6. Chapter 6 The Surprisingly Complex World of Images on the Web

    1. While We Weren’t Paying Attention, Images Got Complicated

    2. Optimizing Images for the Web

    3. Responsive Images

    4. Embrace SVG

    5. On the Server Side

    6. A Practical Developers Guide to All of This Complexity

    7. Conclusion

  7. Chapter 7 The Horribly Complex World of Web Video

    1. The Core Technology

    2. Letting the Pros Handle It

    3. Make the Best of a Complicated Situation

  8. Chapter 8 The Web We Want

    1. Things Can Get Better (But They Do Occasionally Get Worse)

    2. Let’s Push Things Forward

    3. The Web We Want Starts with Us