Books & Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Why Impala?

    1. Impala’s Place in the Big Data Ecosystem

    2. Flexibility for Your Big Data Workflow

    3. High-Performance Analytics

    4. Exploratory Business Intelligence

  2. Chapter 2 Getting Up and Running with Impala

    1. Installation

    2. Connecting to Impala

    3. Your First Impala Queries

  3. Chapter 3 Impala for the Database Developer

    1. The SQL Language

    2. Big Data Considerations

    3. How Impala Is Like a Data Warehouse

    4. Physical and Logical Data Layouts

    5. Distributed Queries

    6. Normalized and Denormalized Data

    7. File Formats

    8. Aggregation

  4. Chapter 4 Common Developer Tasks for Impala

    1. Getting Data into an Impala Table

    2. Porting SQL Code to Impala

    3. Using Impala from a JDBC or ODBC Application

    4. Using Impala with a Scripting Language

    5. Optimizing Impala Performance

    6. Writing User-Defined Functions

    7. Collaborating with Your Administrators

  5. Chapter 5 Tutorials and Deep Dives

    1. Tutorial: From Unix Data File to Impala Table

    2. Tutorial: Queries Without a Table

    3. Tutorial: The Journey of a Billion Rows

    4. Deep Dive: Joins and the Role of Statistics

    5. Anti-Pattern: A Million Little Pieces

    6. Tutorial: Across the Fourth Dimension

    7. Tutorial: Verbose and Quiet impala-shell Output

    8. Tutorial: When Schemas Evolve

    9. Tutorial: Levels of Abstraction