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Table of Contents

  1. A Bit of Backstory

    1. Chapter 1 On the Merits of Letters

      1. First, a Few Terms Explained
      2. Words Have Meaning, but Letters Have Emotion
      3. Remember to Be Memorable
      4. The Evolution of Type on the Web
      5. Font Format Finagling: Who Shows What and Where
      6. And So the Stage Is Set
    2. Chapter 2 Progressive Progress

      1. A Concise History of Font Rendering
      2. Hinting: Crib Notes for Font Rendering
    3. Chapter 3 Where Is Typography in the Design Process?

      1. There Is No “Content First” Without Typography
  2. Getting Started with Web Fonts

    1. Chapter 4 Buy or Borrow: The Designer’s Dilemma

      1. First Things First: Weigh the Dollars and Sense
      2. Type 101: A Font Is Not a Typeface
      3. DIY: Self-Hosting
      4. Something Borrowed (er, Rented): Using a Service
    2. Chapter 5 Performance: Get Fonts on Your Site, Fast

      1. Self-Hosting
      2. Using a Service
      3. Google Web Font Loader
      4. Even Faster: Load Only the Letters You Use
      5. Connecting Performant with Progressive
    3. Chapter 6 Be Progressive: Font Sizing and FOUT

      1. On Units of Measure
      2. FOUT Is Our Fault
      3. Tuning Up Your Fallback CSS
    4. Chapter 7 Proportion: Make It Scale, Make It Right

      1. Out of Step and Size
      2. A More Modern Measured Scale
      3. One Size Won’t Rule Them All
      4. Hyphenation
      5. Take It from the Top
      6. Respect the White Space
      7. Implementing the Scale
      8. And so…
    5. Chapter 8 Polish: Finessing the Fine Points

      1. Start with the Details—Then Get Really Specific
      2. When Is an ff Not an ff?
      3. A Hint of History
        1. The Details, Please
        2. A Reasoned Approach
        3. One More for the Road (or the Beginning of Your Paragraph)
        4. Pulling It All Together
      4. Chapter 9 Notes, Notions, and Sending You on Your Way

        1. Dynamic Scaling: Great for Layout, Not So Great for Type
        2. Windows XP: Killing Good Typography Since 2001
        3. Icon Fonts
        4. Wrap It Up and Put a Bow on It
      5. Appendix Web Font Services

        4. Adobe
      6. Appendix Responsive Typography and Web Fonts in Email

        1. Resources