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Table of Contents

Chapter: Preparing the Nodes

Installing Hyper-V

05m 19s

Installing the Hyper-V PowerShell Module

03m 45s

Installing the Hyper-V Manager and Failover Cluster Manager

04m 18s

Network Adapter Teaming

05m 21s

The Hyper-V Virtual Switch

05m 42s

Chapter: Building the Cluster

Configuring Cluster Networks

05m 57s

Connecting to Storage

07m 5s

Cluster Validation

05m 7s

Cluster Creation

05m 7s

Adding Nodes and Storage to an Existing Cluster

04m 23s

Chapter: Virtual Machine Storage in a Cluster

Virtual Machine Files

06m 37s

Cluster Shared Volumes

04m 28s

Virtual Machines on SMB Shares

04m 13s

Storage and Share Permissions

04m 5s

Splitting Virtual Machine Storage

04m 14s

Chapter: Manipulating Virtual Machines in the GUI

Creating and Deleting Virtual Machines

05m 14s

Adjusting Memory Settings

04m 35s

Working with Hard Drives

04m 4s

Changing Network Settings

04m 58s

Manipulating Automatic Actions

03m 19s

Chapter: Manipulating Virtual Machines in PowerShell

Creating and Deleting Virtual Machines(PowerShell)

05m 14s

Adjusting Virtual Machine Memory(PowerShell)

04m 13s

Working with Hard Drives(PowerShell)

04m 29s

Changing Network Settings(PowerShell)

06m 25s

Manipulating Automatic Actions(PowerShell)

04m 58s

Chapter: Virtual Machine Mobility

Live Migrations

06m 26s

Quick Migrations

04m 56s


06m 18s

Storage Live Migrations

05m 51s

Shared Nothing Live Migrations

05m 36s

Chapter: Cluster Protection

Hyper-V Replica Setup

05m 26s

Hyper-V Replica Failover and Failback

06m 16s


05m 6s

Quality of Service

05m 28s

Cluster Aware Updating

04m 45s

Chapter: Cluster Maintenance


06m 8s

Hyper-V Checkpoints

05m 50s

Hyper-V Best Practices Analyzer

04m 39s

Hyper-V Monitoring and Metering

06m 44s

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

05m 2s