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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to RepRap

04m 20s

How a 3D Printer Works

03m 25s

3D Printing Workflow

03m 17s

Overview of the i3 Berlin 3D Printer Design

02m 44s

Tools and Parts

03m 47s

Chapter: Building the Y-unit

Mounting the Threaded Rods and Power Supply

03m 9s

Mounting the Aluminium Plates and the Y-motor

03m 4s

Mounting the Y-carriage and the Timing Belt

03m 1s

Adjusting the Parallels

02m 26s

Chapter: Building the XZ-unit

Mounting the X Axis

03m 0s

Mounting the Z Axis

03m 2s

Mounting the Timing Belt

03m 7s

Chapter: Wiring Up the 3D printer

Wiring the Power Supply

04m 10s

Assembly of the Main Units

03m 7s

Wiring the Y-unit

03m 32s

Wiring the Z-unit

03m 14s

Wiring the X-unit and the Extruder

03m 11s

Wiring the HeatBed

03m 9s

Chapter: Calibrating the Printer

Mount the End Stop Magnets and M5 Rods

03m 16s

Software and Communication

03m 20s

Assemble the Extruder

03m 40s

Test and Mount the Extruder

03m 43s

Calibrating the Movements of the Printer

04m 30s

Mount and Calibrate the Print Platform

04m 3s

Chapter: Print in 3D

Filament and Printer Settings

03m 7s

Print Settings

03m 7s

First Layer

03m 8s

Dual Extrusion

03m 13s

Operate the 3D Printer

03m 3s

Chapter: Experiments and Alternatives


03m 36s


03m 16s


03m 13s

Print Platform Surface

02m 48s


03m 6s

The Future of Open Source 3D Printing

03m 6s

Chapter: Troubleshooting

Software Issues in Windows, Mac, and Linux

03m 6s

Layer Shift

03m 9s


03m 6s

Extruder Is Not Working

03m 32s