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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome And About The Author

02m 49s

How To Use This Course

02m 16s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Review

Installing OS X Mavericks

04m 59s

Navigating The Desktop - Menubar

03m 58s

Navigating The Desktop - Finder Windows

07m 26s

Navigating The Desktop - Dock

05m 41s

Controlling The Desktop

07m 47s

Configuring The Desktop

07m 39s

Getting System Information

06m 41s

Chapter: Exploring The Native Mac OS X File System

Introduction To Disk Utility App

07m 53s

File System Locations At The Top Level Of The Startup Volume

07m 2s

Home Folder Organization And Template

07m 24s

Understanding Multiple Libraries

04m 58s

Chapter: File System Permissions And Metadata

Introduction To Permissions And Ownership

08m 21s

The Lock Permission

04m 27s

Examining Ownership On External Volumes

03m 28s


04m 44s

File System Metadata

04m 17s

Chapter: Exploring The Command Line Interface

Introduction To The Terminal App

06m 33s

Navigating In The File System

06m 37s

Manipulating Files

07m 20s

Inspecting And Editing Files

07m 45s

Using Change Commands

07m 8s


05m 44s

Examining File And Folder Metadata

04m 14s

Using Special Characters In The Command Line

05m 44s

Using Sudo With Care

04m 30s

Unique Commands To Apple

07m 13s

Introduction To Diskutil

07m 9s

Introduction To System Profiler

05m 32s

Chapter: Update, Install And Manage Software

Apple Software Updates

06m 49s

Installing And Removing Software From The App Store

04m 5s

Installing Package And Drag And Drop Software

03m 28s

Examining Software Installation List

05m 4s

Examining Package Receipts

04m 3s

Chapter: Reliability

Creating A Mirrored RAID Set

05m 51s

Managing A RAID Set

03m 3s

Creating An External Recovery Volume

03m 46s

Archiving Data With Disk Utility

05m 0s

Archiving Data With Archive Utility

04m 44s

Archiving Data With Tar In The Command Line

03m 52s

Configuring Time Machine

03m 49s

Managing Time Machine

04m 54s

Chapter: Data Security

Encrypting A Disk Volume

04m 1s

Configuring Filevault2

05m 54s

Chapter: Data Removal

Emptying Trash Securely

04m 10s

Erasing Files Securely With Command Line Tools

03m 9s

Erasing A Disk Volume Securely With Disk Utility

02m 42s

Erasing A Disk Volume Securely In The Command Line

04m 30s

Erasing Free Space Securely With Disk Utility

02m 58s

Erasing Free Space Securely In The Command Line

03m 4s

Chapter: Protecting Mac OS X With Passwords

Generating Strong Passwords With Password Assistant

05m 9s

Exploring The Keychain With Keychain Utility

07m 20s

Keychain And Password Troubleshooting

06m 43s

Managing The Keychain With The Security Command

04m 52s

Chapter: Account Security And Management

Creating Accounts

04m 16s

Deleting Accounts

03m 28s

Examining Account Attributes In System Preferences

04m 14s

Examining Account Attributes With Decl And Directory Utility

07m 57s

Restricting Accounts With Parental Controls

03m 13s

Exploring The System Administrator Account - Root

03m 29s

Exploring The Privilege To Use Sudo Command

04m 15s

Creating A Hidden Administrator

07m 47s

Examining The Guest Account

04m 39s

Chapter: Network Communication Security

Verifying Certificates

05m 36s

Creating A Personal Email Certificate And Sending A Signed Message

05m 30s

Accepting A Certificate On A Signed Message And Encrypting Email

04m 58s

Configuring A VPN Connection

06m 46s

Exploring Airdrop

03m 17s

Configuring The Firewall

06m 6s

Chapter: Sharing Services

Exploring Screen Sharing

05m 55s

Exploring File Sharing

06m 51s

Exploring Remote Login - SSH

06m 36s

Generating Keys For Secure Remote Login

07m 24s

Secure Copy - SCP

05m 30s

Chapter: Solving Problems

Managing Processes With Activity Monitor App

07m 43s

Force Quitting Applications

03m 42s

Managing Processes With PS And Top

03m 53s

Kill Or KillAll Processes

04m 25s

Examining Log Files With Console App

07m 9s

Examining Log Files With Tail, Logger And Syslog

06m 14s

Examining Preferences For Application Problems

05m 35s

Examining Launch Items For System Problems

09m 45s

Using Network Utility For Network Problems

07m 49s

Using Wireless Diagnostics For Wireless Problems

04m 23s

Chapter: Automation

Working With Automator

05m 19s

Editing An Apple Script

05m 11s

Exploring Shell Scripts

05m 8s

Managing System Messages

06m 42s

Creating A Project

07m 23s

Chapter: Conclusion

Finding More Information

02m 26s


00m 35s