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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect From This Course

01m 28s

About The Author

03m 39s

Course Overview

02m 42s

About The A+ Exams

04m 53s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Operating Systems

The Windows OS

04m 54s

Windows XP

05m 55s

Windows Vista

05m 25s

Windows 7

06m 3s

32 Or 64 Bit

05m 39s

Upgrading Windows

05m 12s

Windows Upgrade Advisor

03m 39s

Upgrade Paths

04m 49s

Chapter: Installing Windows

Hardware Requirements

03m 57s

Boot Methods

04m 44s

Hard Disk Partitioning

04m 13s

Partition Schemes And Types

05m 53s

File System Formatting - Part 1

04m 47s

File System Formatting - Part 2

04m 55s

Workgroup Vs. Domain

05m 57s

Factory Recovery Partitions

05m 19s

Chapter: Windows Command Line Tools

OS Commands

04m 22s


05m 11s


05m 0s


03m 6s

Working With Directories - Part 1

04m 30s

Working With Directories - Part 2

06m 4s


01m 40s


04m 35s

Copying Files

03m 32s


02m 39s


03m 12s


04m 9s

Chapter: Networking Command Line Tools


06m 24s


06m 11s


03m 29s


03m 59s


03m 13s


03m 42s

Chapter: Administrative Tools

Computer Management

04m 15s

Device Manager

05m 23s

Local Security Policy

05m 32s

Performance Monitor

04m 16s


05m 52s

Windows Memory Diagnostics

04m 55s

Windows Firewall

06m 25s


05m 37s


05m 9s

Task Manager

04m 15s

Disk Management

04m 31s

Chapter: Control Panel Utilities

Internet Options

03m 27s


03m 38s

Folder Options

03m 22s

User Accounts

02m 43s


03m 12s

Power Options

02m 39s

Chapter: Configuring Windows Networking

Windows 7 Homegroups

04m 37s

Network Shares

04m 42s

Mapping Drives

03m 49s

Network Types

04m 21s

Alternative IP Addresses

04m 43s

Chapter: Sharing Resources

NTFS Vs. Share Permissions

05m 38s

Propagation And Inheritance

05m 46s

Allow Vs. Deny

05m 7s

Moving Vs. Copying

04m 18s

Chapter: Security

Physical Security

05m 28s

Digital Security

04m 57s

User Education

05m 3s

Common Security Threats

04m 36s

Malware - Part 1

05m 57s

Malware - Part 2

05m 45s

Hard Drive Disposal

04m 21s

Securing A Wireless Network

05m 0s

Chapter: Mobile

Android Vs. iOS

03m 56s

Mobile Features

04m 37s


02m 51s

Laptops Vs. Tablet PCs

05m 11s

Chapter: Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting Theory

04m 19s

Common Hard Drive Symptoms

05m 51s

Hard Drive Troubleshooting Tools

03m 35s

Common Display Symptoms

03m 40s

Troubleshooting Network Issues

03m 15s

Network Troubleshooting Tools

04m 11s

Common OS Symptoms

02m 56s

OS Troubleshooting Tools

04m 0s

Common Printer Symptoms

05m 39s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 18s