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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

00m 41s

About The Author

00m 41s

What You Need To Know

02m 13s

Native Apps Versus HTML5 Apps

04m 32s

Required Software And A Primer On Using Terminal And Command Prompt

07m 58s

Installing Node.js Mac OSX

05m 41s

Installing Node.js Windows

03m 58s

Super Quick Setup With Yeoman And Bower

07m 5s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introduction To The Project App

Making A Wireframe

01m 23s

HTML5 Features

01m 45s

Chapter: Constructing A Skeleton App

How To Work With The Code Samples

03m 9s

Making The List

06m 55s

Adding New Items - Part 1

04m 43s

Adding New Items - Part 2

07m 38s

Adding Details

03m 8s

Toggle Views - Part 1

06m 13s

Toggle Views - Part 2

05m 3s

Cleaning Up The Layout

05m 9s

Chapter: Using LocalStorage

Introduction To LocalStorage And Testing For Support With Modernizr

06m 32s

Making Data Fixtures In The Browser Console

05m 8s

Getting Data In And Out Of LocalStorage

02m 51s

Chapter: Using Handlebars To Make Templates

Setting Up Handlebars

04m 8s

Simple Implementation

03m 47s

Rendering Data From Localstorage With Handlebars

02m 27s

Chapter: The Detail View

Switching To The Detail View

05m 22s

Getting The Right Data To The Detail View

04m 5s

Navigating Back To The List View

03m 13s

Chapter: The Add Item And Edit Views

Adding Items

06m 53s

Editing Items

07m 13s

No Entry Cases

01m 57s

Chapter: Camera

Testing For Support With Modernizr

03m 25s

Accessing The Camera

06m 27s

Getting And Saving The Image

04m 4s

Viewing And Editing An Image

03m 6s

Chapter: Detecting Network Status

Introduction To Network Status

01m 41s

Detecting And Displaying Network Status

03m 14s

Chapter: Geolocation

Introduction To Geolocation

02m 34s

Adding Geolocation To A New Entry

04m 9s

Saving The Geolocation Data

02m 44s

Displaying Geolocation In Other Views

01m 25s

Chapter: Speech Recognition

A Basic Implementation Of Speech Recognition

04m 52s

Chapter: Further Resources

Other HTML5 APIs And Resources

01m 39s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 24s