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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

01m 40s

About The Author

00m 35s

Installing R And R Studio

04m 6s

Navigating R Studio

05m 10s


03m 40s

Assigning Variables

03m 31s

Numbers, Strings, And Booleans

05m 25s

Workspace Operations

07m 59s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Basic Operations And Manipulations

Basic Operators

04m 36s


07m 25s


04m 44s

Basic Statistical Functions

06m 27s


06m 51s

Matrix Operations

05m 28s

Basic Matrix Statistics

04m 12s

Generating Random Numbers

08m 1s

String Functions

07m 46s

Dates And Times

07m 56s

Chapter: Plotting

Line Plots

08m 19s

Plotting Arguments

04m 31s

Bar Graphs And Histograms

06m 49s

Scatter Plots

06m 29s

Probability Plots

06m 34s

Combining And Saving Plots

04m 50s

Chapter: Working With Data


04m 11s


03m 58s

Data Frames

05m 34s

Data Import

05m 34s

Missing Data - Part 1

03m 56s

Missing Data - Part 2

04m 9s

Ordering And Sorting

04m 17s

Subsetting And Indexing

04m 41s

Merging Data

04m 21s

Examining Files And Objects

03m 49s

Chapter: Data Analysis

Descriptive Statistics

05m 50s

Apply Functions

03m 37s

Linear Models

06m 8s

Extracting Model Information

05m 6s

Principal Componant Analysis

02m 49s

Chapter: Time Series Data

XTS Objects

03m 59s

ACF Plots

02m 53s


02m 43s

Exponential Smoothing

04m 4s

Rolling Functions

04m 26s

ARIMA Models

04m 35s

Chapter: Conditional Statements And Loops

If Statements

05m 58s

For Loops

04m 23s

While Loops

03m 1s

Appending Loops

04m 1s

Chapter: User-Defined Functions

Writing Functions

04m 36s

Debugging Functions

05m 10s

Recursive Functions

02m 6s

Chapter: Saving Data

Saving Different Types Of Data

02m 1s

Additional Resources

02m 0s