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Table of Contents

Chapter: Development Tools

The developer programs, Xcode, and a simple app

08m 55s

The iOS simulator

01m 53s

Chapter: Objective-C Intro

Object-oriented Programming

16m 41s


04m 5s

Chapter: Foundation

Objects, Strings

06m 41s


05m 10s


03m 14s

NSValue and NSNumber

02m 1s

Working with Data

02m 45s

Design Patterns

02m 36s

Chapter: Blocks and Operation Queues

Blocks, Block Syntax, Methods with Blocks, Memory, Local variables inside Blocks

11m 7s

Concurrency with Queues, Putting Blocks in Queues

05m 22s

Chapter: Apps

Apps Overview

08m 27s

Lifecycle on iOS and Mac OS X

06m 30s


04m 20s

Adding Files to a Project/Working with a Project

02m 0s

Chapter: GUIs

Interfaces on OS X and iOS, MVC, and Nibs

06m 22s

Structure of Nibs, Storyboards

08m 3s

Images, Views, subviews, IB library (iPad and iPhone discussed but not shown?)

05m 41s

Outlets and Actions + Building a UI

07m 7s

Constraints and Guidelines

08m 52s

UI Dynamics

04m 8s

Core Animation Overview

04m 36s

Chapter: Audio and Video

AVFoundation and Video

04m 35s

AVFoundation and Audio

02m 24s

Speech Synthesis

02m 57s


06m 17s

Chapter: Model Objects and Data Storage

Key-Value Coding and Key-Value Observing

07m 10s


03m 39s


03m 32s

Filesystem and the Sandbox

07m 50s

Chapter: Cocoa Bindings

Binding Views to Models

04m 1s

Binding to Controllers

03m 5s

Using Bindings in an App

07m 55s

Chapter: Table Views and Collection Views

Data Sources and Delegates

01m 50s

UITableView (iOS)

12m 21s

NSTableView (OS X)

12m 30s

Collection Views

12m 6s

Chapter: Document-based Apps and CLI Apps

NSDocument and UIDocument

07m 17s

CLI Apps

03m 15s

Chapter: Networking

Connections + Building Networked Apps

11m 45s

Service Discovery with Bonjour

11m 37s

Multipeer Connectivity

20m 17s

Chapter: Working with the Real World


07m 11s


04m 27s


05m 7s

Device Motion

08m 7s

App Nap

03m 34s

Chapter: Fixing Problems

Overview of Instruments & Memory

03m 29s

Instruments and Debugger in use

08m 19s

Chapter: Working with Text


07m 55s


03m 30s


06m 59s

Dynamic Text

04m 42s

Chapter: Swift

The Swift Language

18m 39s