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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome and Set Up

07m 55s

Chapter: Hello, Flask!

A Simple "Hello World" Application

10m 53s

Chapter: Templates

Introduction to Templates

05m 23s

Using Jinja2 Templates

14m 58s

Using Flask-Bootstrap

07m 17s

Custom Error Pages

06m 3s

Page Links

04m 39s

Chapter: Web Forms

Working with Web Forms

07m 50s

Form Management and Validation with Flask-WTF

14m 27s

Rendering Forms with Flask-Bootstrap

03m 15s

File Uploads

10m 19s

Chapter: Flask In Depth

Understanding Contexts

04m 24s

Request Dispatching

03m 38s

Request Hooks

05m 17s


07m 54s

Chapter: Databases

Using Flask-SQLAlchemy

16m 48s

Chapter: User Logins

Password Security

07m 26s

Using Flask-Login

25m 35s

Chapter: Scalable Application Structure

Scalable Application Structure

21m 47s

Chapter: Testing

Writing Unit Tests & Code Coverage

14m 31s

End-to-end testing with the Flask Test Client

09m 23s

Chapter: Deployment

Running in Production Mode

06m 14s

Deploying to Heroku

13m 16s

Deploying to a Linux Server

19m 10s