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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome and Setup

04m 34s

API Demonstration

16m 7s

Chapter: Implementing APIs with Flask

Basic CRUD Implementation

14m 32s

Relationships Between Resources

14m 46s

Error Handling

05m 2s

Working with Hardware Devices

28m 44s

Chapter: Security

Password Authentication

13m 29s

Token Authentication

15m 33s

Chapter: Testing

Writing Tests with the Flask Test Client

09m 32s

Obtaining Test Coverage Metrics

04m 14s

Chapter: Advanced API Practices

Project Structure for Larger Projects

14m 51s

Implementing Custom Decorators for Flask Routes

04m 27s

Simplifying Responses

05m 12s

Paginating Resource Collections

19m 53s

HTTP Caching

12m 16s

Rate Limiting API Access

08m 58s

Asynchronous Tasks

20m 30s