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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Data Science with R

Introduction to the Course

15m 29s

Chapter: The R Language 1

Orientation to R

16m 39s

Data Structures and Types

16m 6s

Lists and Data Frames

18m 24s

Chapter: The R Language 2

Subsetting 1

24m 15s

Subsetting 2

08m 2s

R Packages

05m 48s

Logical Tests

31m 19s

Missing Values

10m 55s

Chapter: Visualizing Data

Introduction to ggplot2

07m 44s


13m 45s


07m 17s


16m 24s

Position Adjustments

13m 6s

Visualizing Distributions

16m 43s

Visualizing Big Data

09m 5s

Saving Graphs

05m 46s

Chapter: Adjusting Graphs

Visualizing Map Data

10m 14s

Titles and Coordinate Systems

11m 39s

Scales and Color Schemes

12m 12s


07m 7s

Axis Labels and Legends

09m 44s

Further Learning

03m 12s

Chapter: Tidy Data

Reading in Data

09m 19s


12m 55s


08m 27s

rbind and cbind

02m 13s

Saving Data

04m 59s

Chapter: Transforming Data

Line Plots

07m 17s

Filter and Select

04m 58s

Arrange, Mutate, and Summarize

07m 28s

Joining Data Sets

10m 53s

Grouping Data

08m 14s

The tbl Format

03m 6s

Advanced Manipulations

11m 28s

Chapter: Modeling Basics

Introduction to Modeling

06m 22s

Linear Models and Model Syntax

16m 21s

Model Inference

15m 40s

Categorical Variables

07m 45s

Multivariate Models

18m 6s

Chapter: Advanced Modeling

Introduction to Variable Selection

11m 17s

Best Subsets Selection

07m 21s

Stepwise Selection

11m 31s

Penalized Regression

04m 15s

Non-linear Models

19m 9s

Logistic Regression

10m 23s

Modeling Resources

02m 39s

Chapter: Further Learning

Resources for R

03m 39s