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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Swift

Introduction to Swift

06m 32s

Variables, Constants and Type Annotations

04m 57s

println(), Hex, Binary, Octal and Boolean Values

04m 14s

Tuples, Optionals, and Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals

08m 45s

The Nil Coalescing Operator and Range Operators

04m 19s

Strings, Dictionaries, Arrays and Fast Iteration

10m 24s

NSDictionary and NSArray

05m 41s

If, While and Switch Statements

07m 4s

Classes and Structures

15m 46s

Functions, Parameters and Return Types

08m 32s


12m 26s

Chapter: User Interfaces

Adding Blur Effects to Your Views

05m 39s

Presenting Temporary Information on the Screen with Popovers

15m 2s

Displaying Alerts and Action Sheets

07m 23s

Loading Web Pages with WebKit

08m 41s

Chapter: Extensions

Building Custom Keyboards

15m 37s

Creating a Service Within Your App with Action Extensions

11m 7s

Chapter: HealthKit

Retrieving and Modifying User’s Weight Information

16m 9s

Accessing and Modifying User’s Height Information

12m 47s

Reading and Modifying the User’s Total Calories Burned

16m 9s

Chapter: HomeKit

Discovering and Managing HomeKit Enabled Accessories

14m 42s

Interacting with HomeKit Accessories

11m 37s

Chapter: Concurrency

Creating Simple Concurrency with Operations

12m 24s

Completing a Long-Running Task in the Background

05m 41s

Chapter: Networking

Downloading Data Using NSURLSession

08m 45s

Downloading Asynchronously with NSURLConnection

06m 39s

Chapter: Address Book

Retrieving a Person Entity with System UI

09m 18s

Retrieving a Property of a Person Entity with System UI

07m 42s

Retrieving All the People in the Address Book

06m 32s

Retrieving and Setting a Person’s Address Book Image

08m 2s

Chapter: Files and Folders

Writing to and Reading from Files

08m 21s

Enumerating Files and Folders

07m 21s

Chapter: Core Data

Performing Batch Updates on Core Data

06m 55s

Reading Data From Core Data

04m 11s

Deleting Data From Core Data

03m 22s

Fetching Data in the Background

07m 35s

Chapter: Cloud Kit

Storing Data with CloudKit

14m 5s

Retrieving Data with CloudKit

08m 50s

Querying the Cloud with CloudKit

06m 45s