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Table of Contents

Welcome and Set Up/Warm-up Exercise

05m 58s

Chapter: Getting Started with Hosted Git Repositories

Getting Started with Hosted Git Repositories

00m 51s

Creating a GitLab Account

01m 44s

Adding Your SSH Keys

04m 15s

Forking Your First Project

02m 0s

Privatizing Your Repository

01m 37s

Overview of Permission Strategies

08m 19s

Chapter: Downloading a Remote Repository

Downloading a Remote Repository

05m 34s

Cloning your GitLab Repository

04m 1s

Reviewing History with Git Log

07m 22s

Chapter: Configuring Git

Configuring Git

02m 37s

Identifying Yourself

04m 48s

Changing the Commit Message Editor

02m 41s

Adding Color

04m 47s

Chapter: Getting Started as a Team of One

Getting Started as a Team of One

00m 33s

Initializing an Empty Project

02m 37s

Converting an Existing Project to Git

07m 23s

Chapter: Connecting to Remote Repositories

Connecting to Remote Repositories

01m 24s

Copying a Repository

06m 38s

Cloning a Local Repository

04m 21s

Converting a Set of Files to a Repository

10m 6s

Adding Another Remote Connection

06m 4s

Chapter: Working with Branches

Working with Branches

03m 32s

Listing All Branches

05m 32s

Using a Different Branch

06m 48s

Establishing Your Branching Strategy

12m 12s

Creating a Topic Branch

14m 35s

Uploading Your Changes with Git Push

09m 36s

Accepting and Merging New Work

06m 41s

Dealing with Merge Conflicts

15m 23s

Chapter: Working with Tags

Working with Tags

00m 53s

Listing, Adding, and Deleting Tags

06m 43s

Checking Out Tags

06m 32s

Recovering from a Detached HEAD State

08m 55s

Sharing Tags

03m 19s

Chapter: Finding and Fixing Bugs

Finding and Fixing Bugs

00m 52s

Finding Relative History with Git Log

08m 1s

Finding the Last Working State with Bisect

07m 39s

Finding the Author History of a File with Blame

03m 41s

Using Stash to Work on an Emergency Bug Fix

06m 37s

Chapter: Rollbacks, Resets, and Undoing Your Work

Rollbacks, Resets, and Undoing Your Work

01m 16s

Using Branches for Experimental Work

08m 30s

Amending a Commit

06m 5s

Removing Changes to the Working Directory

06m 18s

Removing Commits with Reset

08m 49s

Promoting a Previous Commit with Revert

05m 32s

Chapter: Rewiring History with Rebase

Rewiring History with Rebase

01m 42s

Bringing Your Work Up-to-Date with Rebase

10m 42s

Using Rebase to Combine Serveral Commits

07m 4s

Using Rebase to Truncate a Branch Before Merging

09m 37s

Combining Your Changes Into Another Branch with Rebase

10m 21s

Changing Previous Commits with Interactive Rebase

05m 34s

Chapter: Collaborating on GitHub

Collaborating on GitHub

00m 48s

Creating an Account - GitHub

04m 33s

Importing a Repository - BitBucket

04m 44s

Forking a Repository

01m 47s

Making Changes to Your Fork

05m 8s

Making Quicker Changes with the Web UI

03m 39s

Tracking Your Changes with Issues

05m 0s

Accepting a Pull Request

04m 32s

Importing a Repository - GitHub

04m 14s

Extending GitHub with Hub

02m 43s

Chapter: Collaborating on BitBucket

Collaborating on BitBucket

00m 39s

Creating an Account - BitBucket

02m 54s

Making Changes to Your Repository

05m 26s

Tracking Your Changes with Issues

06m 27s

Accepting a Pull Request

06m 20s