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Table of Contents

Chapter: Swift

Welcome to Swift

01m 52s

Variables, Types of Data and Collections

15m 35s

Control Flow, Functions and Closures

17m 51s

Objects & Extensions

16m 11s


05m 26s

Chapter: Tools and Services


03m 26s

Interface Builder

02m 42s

iOS Simulator

03m 11s

iTunes Connect and TestFlight

04m 16s

Developer Portal

04m 48s

Chapter: The Basics

Your First iOS App

03m 39s

Your First OS X App

03m 39s

iOS App Lifecycle

07m 47s

OS X Lifecycle

06m 22s

Organizing Your Project in Xcode

06m 39s

Targets vs Products

01m 18s

Chapter: Architecture


02m 55s

Windows and Window Controllers

05m 24s

View Controllers, Custom View Controllers

20m 20s

Actions and Outlets

13m 26s

Operation Queues

08m 2s


08m 47s


06m 22s

Chapter: Views and View Controllers

Layouts with Constraints

08m 56s

Constraints on iOS, Size Classes

08m 38s

Touches and Gesture Recognizers

12m 28s

Table Views on iOS

12m 23s

Table Views on OS X

08m 35s

Scroll Views

06m 28s

Web Views

13m 42s


07m 12s

Custom iOS Keyboards

08m 40s

Chapter: Graphics and Animation


06m 20s

Custom Views

06m 11s

Bezier Paths, Filling and Stroking Shapes

06m 44s


03m 53s

Blend Modes

02m 9s


04m 29s

Shape Layers, Masking with Layers

04m 4s

Transforming Layers, Applying Animations to Layers

05m 54s

CAKeyframeAnimation, Using Different Animation Curves

03m 27s

UIDynamics on iOS

10m 13s

UIView Animations

06m 6s

Graphics on OS X

02m 9s

Chapter: Media

Video Playback with AV Foundation

15m 30s

Accessing the iTunes Library on iOS

08m 5s

Using the Camera and Photos

08m 45s

Sharing and Share Extensions

10m 22s

Game Controllers

05m 20s

Chapter: Text and Speech

Localization and Internationalization

12m 9s

Text - NSFormatter / DataDetector / Dynamic Text

06m 19s

Speech Synthesis

02m 36s

Chapter: Real World

Getting the Device's Location

10m 55s


10m 5s

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

10m 31s

Motion Sensors on iOS

06m 48s

Local Notifications on iOS

06m 57s

Notifications on OS X

05m 8s

Appearance Customization

04m 3s


05m 57s

Chapter: Working with Data

Networking with NSURLSession

06m 19s

NSUserDefaults, Accessing the File System, Working within the Sandbox

03m 32s


03m 24s

Accessing the Address book

08m 0s

Accessing the Calendar

09m 27s


35m 5s


14m 59s


04m 57s

Background Processing and Non Standard Apps

08m 55s

Error Handling

05m 49s

Chapter: iCloud

Intro to iCloud, Setting up iCloud

08m 32s

Key-value Store and CloudKit

10m 36s

Storing Files in iCloud. Using NSMetadataQuery.

35m 42s

Chapter: Diary App for iOS

Features and Architecture

00m 45s

Document Class Setup and iCloud

08m 19s

Document List

23m 23s

Document Editing and Saving

19m 21s

Adding Image Capture

18m 3s

Adding Location Capture

04m 48s

Document: Handling the Keyboard

09m 0s

Conflict Handling

06m 55s

Chapter: Diary App for Mac

App Setup and iCloud Setup

03m 1s

Document Setup

03m 42s

Document Editing and Saving

05m 46s

Viewing Location and Image

05m 11s

Adding Handoffs to the iOS app

08m 51s

Chapter: Instruments and Debugging

Using Instruments

07m 32s

Using the Debugger

09m 36s

NS File Manager

12m 59s