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Table of Contents

Chapter: Windows 8.1 - New Features

Series Overview

02m 35s

What You Will Learn

03m 14s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Using the Working Files

02m 26s

Chapter: Making Windows 8.1 Your Own

Making Windows 8.1 Your Own

02m 47s

Identifying Start Screen And Tile Updates

08m 28s

Finding Everything With Simplified Windows 8.1 Search

05m 59s

Using Consolidated PC Settings

06m 29s

Disabling Screen Hot Corners

02m 28s

Controlling Windows And Apps Notifications

03m 13s

Establishing Quiet Hours

02m 42s

Choosing Between The Start Screen Desktop And Apps List

04m 24s

Personalizing The Lock Screen

06m 30s

Finding Shutdown Options

02m 13s

Chapter: Finding And Using The Matured Windows 8 Apps

Finding And Using The Matured Windows 8 Apps

02m 45s

Grand Re-Opening Of The Windows Store

04m 13s

Windows 8.1 N Editions

01m 34s

Using The Title Bar, Multi-Window Mode And Controllable Snap

06m 52s

Updates To The People App

06m 22s

Using The Updated Calendar And New Alarms App

07m 49s

Updates To The Mail App

07m 56s

Getting Familiar With Skype Integration

08m 34s

Updates To The Music App

02m 47s

Updates To The Photos App

07m 21s

Using The New Lifestyle Apps

08m 43s

Using The Reading List App

03m 49s

Chapter: Connecting

Connecting To Networks, The Internet And The Cloud

03m 17s

Connecting To The Workplace With BYOD

05m 58s

Creating Your Own VPN

05m 14s

Understanding New Ways To Connect

05m 50s

Working In The Cloud

06m 41s

Chapter: Keeping Family And Data Safe

Keeping You, Your Family, And Your Data Safe

03m 4s

Applying Enhanced Privacy Settings - Part 1

05m 45s

Applying Enhanced Privacy Settings - Part 2

08m 8s

The Windows 8.1 Child Account

04m 25s

Switching Between Local And Online Accounts

02m 40s

Improved Biometrics In Windows 8.1

03m 5s

New Safety Features For Business Devices

05m 10s

Chapter: Conclusion

What You Now Know

06m 55s