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Table of Contents

Chapter: Exploring Possibilities and Positioning for Success

Beginning with the End in Mind

05m 13s

Using "Show Me" and Chart Types

04m 22s

Enabling User-facing Filtering

06m 22s

Creating Parameters

10m 43s

Calculating Your KPIs

10m 10s

Chapter: Strategic or Executive Dashboards

Understanding the Strategic or Executive Dashboard Project

03m 25s

Creating Text Elements

07m 4s

Calculating Period-over-period Changes

08m 43s

Visualizing Comparisons with Bullet Charts

07m 33s

Arranging Elements on a Dashboard

05m 45s

Chapter: Tactical Dashboards

Understanding the Tactical Dashboard Project

04m 11s

Building Waterfall Charts

04m 38s

Constructing Heat Map Charts

03m 59s

Displaying Geographical Map Charts

06m 26s

Linking Together Dashboard Objects

05m 53s

Chapter: Operational Dashboards

Understanding the Operational Dashboard Project

07m 21s

Building Combo Charts

09m 16s

Constructing Positional Circle Charts

08m 47s

Using URL Actions

10m 53s

Linking Together Dashboards with Actions

08m 19s

Chapter: Analytical Dashboards

Understanding the Analytical Dashboard Project

05m 5s

Creating Robust Time-series Charts

08m 5s

Using Parameters to Control Display and Slicing Dimensions

14m 44s

Incorporating a Highlight Table

07m 4s

Extracting Aggregated or Raw Data from the Viz

06m 38s

Chapter: Ad-hoc Dashboards

Understanding the Ad-hoc Dashboard Project

04m 32s

Working with Sets and Groups

07m 39s

Creating Bins and Box and Whisker Charts

09m 10s

Annotating Points, Marks, and Areas

06m 13s

Generating Funnel Charts

07m 18s

Chapter: Customizing and Styling Your Dashboard

Styling Concepts and Best Practices

04m 15s

Formatting Axis Labels and Lines

08m 21s

Creating Relevant Labels and Effective Number Formats

08m 5s

Formulating Helpful and Informative Tooltips

12m 1s

Formatting Parameters and Legends

05m 20s

Chapter: Dashboard Publication

Preparing for Publication

04m 0s

Publishing on Tableau Public

03m 30s

Publishing on Tableau Server and Tableau Online

04m 22s

Employing Tableau Reader

02m 22s

Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

03m 22s