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Table of Contents

Introduction to Go Programming

01m 6s

Welcome to class!

01m 13s

Chapter: Getting Started

Hello world!

05m 35s

Typical Go Directory Structure

04m 21s

Where to Get Help

02m 16s

Variables, Simple Types and Declarations

08m 44s

String Things

04m 58s

Chapter: Control Structures

if, inline declarations, handling returned values

06m 12s

The Switch Statement

06m 3s

The for loop

04m 47s

Function Definitions

14m 18s

Chapter: Built-in Types

Arrays and Slices

14m 45s


09m 21s

Byte Slices

07m 28s


07m 48s

Chapter: Concurrency

Goroutines and Channels

12m 8s

The Select Keyword

08m 53s

Channel of Channels

02m 20s

Multiple Readers, Multiple Writers

17m 10s

Closing Channels

04m 41s

Nil Channels and Their Uses

05m 55s

Buffered Channels

08m 4s

Chapter: User-defined Types

Types and the Type Keyword

10m 38s


08m 19s

interface{} and type assertions and type switches

06m 14s

Packages and Initialization

13m 18s

Chapter: Building and Testing

The Go Tool Chain

06m 54s

Unit Testing

19m 20s

Chapter: Standard Packages

The Standard fmt Package

08m 38s

The Standard io, bufio & os packages

13m 59s

The standard net http Package

10m 32s

The Standard Encoding json Package

13m 7s

Standard Strings, strconv & Sort Packages

16m 24s

The Standard Sync Package

11m 54s

The Standard Log Package

05m 23s

The Standard Flag Package

04m 45s

The Standard Time Package

05m 46s

The Standard cgo Package

05m 25s